Safety issues spark off travel cancellations to Dominican Republic

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. — Reports of unwell travelers inside the Dominican Republic are fueling renewed tour issues for South Florida citizens. A Lake Worth couple Janny and Marlon Godinez, now say they’re having trouble canceling their vacation to the country. They’ve already deposited $400 and aren’t having any success getting a refund thru their agency, Miami-based Viva Travel, totally.

Janny Godinez explains, “I’m canceling because I’m seeing how many people are dying, and then I’m scared; it’s the safety I don’t want to die inside the Dominican Republic. If now not, I have all my suitcases pretty tons achieved, and I can go, however. No way.” These days, forty-seven human beings out of a journey organization of 114 reports becoming violently unwell after traveling to the Hotel Riu in Punta Cana.

Last week, American Leyla Cox died at an Excellence hotel in Punta Cana from a suggested coronary heart attack.
Before that came news of 3 American death less than every week apart at Bahia Principe Hotels and Resorts residences. “It’s not our fault human beings are loss of life. Nobody desires to die. They tell me it’s one case over there, one case over here. That’s why we aren’t going to give a refund to all people. It’s a whole lot of demise,” stated Janny Godinez. WPTV spoke with nearby tour retailers who say due to situations like this, it’s essential to do not forget tour insurance and be aware of refund policies while making plans for a trip.


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