10 Solid Reasons Why You Should Travel to Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a shopping paradise. However, apart from being a shopping ecstasy, you can take a flight to Hong Kong from Auckland to celebrate festivals, visit movie settings, and enjoy views from high altitudes. The variety of things in Hong Kong has made it one of the world’s unique cities. The city also has endless skyscrapers, a unique mixture of traditional and modern lifestyles, and a world-famous skyline. Also, Hong Kong has a lot to offer, and here are some of the solid reasons you should go to this city:

1. Great for Shopaholics

Hong Kong is a mecca for shoppers. Whether you need to buy gifts from yourself or friends back at home as souvenirs, the city is the best place for your shopping needs. From local Chinese markets to high-end malls, you will get a wide range of exquisite goodies. The city is also popular for electronics, so it can be a perfect place to buy the latest smartphone. If you visit the city during New Year, you will be in for a treat with amazing discounts and deals.

2. Hiking Trails

Some of the most amazing picturesque trails await, and hiking is a perfect way to view the entire city for all its worth. Vast green spaces and a combination of mountains are some of the reasons to go to Hong Kong. The Morning Trail is also a great way to see the skyline, though the likes of Tai Long Wan and Dragon’s Back provide a different experience.

3. Discover Hidden Gems

Hong Kong is taking steady steps to be a very pedestrian-friendly city. The sky bridges and network of subways have been made to accommodate women in high heels, disabled people, and the elderly. The city also happens to be one of the safest places globally because most police patrols ensure the locals and visitors alike go about their daily activities with peace of mind. Even much better, walking around the oldest districts in the city may also yield many unintentional rewards.

4. Visit Tsim Sha Tsui

Tsim Sha Tsui is flocked with many tourists, and there are good reasons for that. Firstly, the place houses the Hong Kong Museum of Art and the Hong Kong Cultural Center, offering you a cultural and artistic insight into the country’s milestones. Apart from being a lifestyle district and entertainment hub, Tsim Sha Tsui is also a home for Victoria’s Harbor that offers a breathtaking scenic view of the skyline in the city. Sound shows and the symphony of lights airs at exactly 8 pm each evening, so you can always go for a delightful dinner at that time.

Hong Kong

5. Great Cuisine

This amazing city has earned a good reputation as Asia’s culinary capital. You can find exquisite dining options and mouthwatering dishes. From hearty street food to luxurious offerings and classic dishes at time-tested stalwarts, the city reads like a sumptuous in an all-in-one buffet, which serves dishes of every flavor. There are also many restaurants in the city serving Korean, African, Thai, and Korean dishes. Because of its international nature, you will find different kinds of cuisine, like dim sum. Whether you prefer a fancy brunch accompanied by seafood or fried spring rolls, dim sum will always remain to be great food.

6. Easy to Visit

Hong Kong has come up with a visa-free policy for more than 100 countries across the world. This means visitors and tourists can take a flight to Hong Kong by holding a passport. Other travelers from different countries, including Canada, the USA, and some parts of Europe, may also enjoy visa-free access for three months.

7. Support the Local Small Business

Local mom-and-pop stores and small businesses suffer the most from the protests in Hong Kong. Also, these businesses’ high rents don’t budge, so fewer tourists mean lesser income for entrepreneurs. Apart from supporting these businesses, you will also have a chance to see the city’s local side by grabbing a bite in one of the local bakeries or eating at the neighborhood noodle shack.

8. East-Meets-West

Hong Kong is one of the melting pots of China’s influences that has made the city what it is today. Being part of China, it also got invaded by the Japanese and British, so you will find modern apartment buildings with gaps at the center where Feng Shui ‘spirit dragons’ may pass through. The streets in the city also have old-fashioned signs and a unique style of modern suburbia. Beyond that, you may stroll around the Nan Lian Garden, which serves as a good example of Chinese horticulture from the Tang Dynasty.

9. Celebrate Festivals

There are many festivals throughout the year, so you will have a better chance to experience the unique culture whenever you visit the city. Hong Kong is also an amazing place to celebrate your New Year’s Eve and Christmas. During Christmas, buildings and streets have festival decorations. You can also celebrate other Chinese events, such as the Mid-Autumn Festival and the Spring Festival, to name a few.

10. Outlying Islands and Beaches

If you get tired of the city’s fast-paced center, you can head to the outlying islands. Cheung Chau is popular because of its tempting street food and laid-back vibe, whereas Lantau Island has the famous Tai O fishing village and Big Buddha. As a coastal city, Hong Kong also has beaches. However, not every beach is beautiful, given that rubbish gets thrown and washed down almost every day. Regardless of polluted coastlines, the city also has pristine and hidden beaches that require effort to get there.

Concluding Remarks!

There is no better time to tour this city than right now. Hong Kong is a modern and bustling city, with over seven million people spread over 200 islets and three large islands. It also conjures up an image of bright lights, busyness, and skyscrapers. Although this is true, there’s more to this city, and you can only witness everything by making it your next destination.

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