The Scientific Reason Spouses Cheat on Business Trips

Plenty of cheating spouses are glad about their courting and do now not commit infidelity with the purpose of destroying their marriages or their spouses. Still, they cheat. And those people more frequently than no longer accomplish that on a business ride. Part of the reason for the venue is they consider that what their […]

Business travel stimulates creativity and productivity

Research by way of CWT, a B2B journey management platform, indicates that six in 10 travelers feel greater creative and efficient whilst visiting for commercial enterprise. Millennial guests are more likely to say that they are more creative and efficient whilst journeying for business. Those inside the Americas lead the way (seventy-seven % feeling extra […]

Travel guru Rick Steves found out 10 hints to prevent cash, time, and strain whilst you’re on holiday

But among budgeting your ride, staying on the pinnacle of a tight itinerary, and looking to make the maximum of your enjoy whilst you sooner or later arrive, it could often be hard for travelers to be fully invested. If anybody knows the way to address those emotions, it is Rick Steves. The longtime guidebook […]

Here’s Why Business-Traveling Millennials Are Choosing Quick-Service Restaurants

Business eating—including journey food, personal eating occasions, and catering—represents $100 billion in annual U.S. Restaurant income. With millennials projected to make up seventy-five percentage of the body of workers with the aid of 2025, short-service restaurants specifically have to ensure they’re taking the necessary steps to attract this beneficial set of business diners. According to […]

Data Breaches Are Blown Out of Proportion, According to Over One-Third of Hospitality Leaders

With the amount of purchaser information that hotels accumulate, the hospitality enterprise is mostly a direct target for hackers. Hotel agencies laid low with statistics breaches in recent years consist of Starwood’s reservation device, Hyatt Hotels Corp., InterContinental Hotels Group, Hilton and the latest, in May, Pyramid Hotel Group, which includes among its ninety residences […]

Research Reveals Hidden Benefit of Business Travel

New research has revealed a hidden benefit of business travel. According to information from CWT, visiting for work boosts travelers’ creativity and productivity. In reality, the research shows that six in 10 vacationers experience more innovative and effective when journeying for the enterprise. From a generational perspective, millennial vacationers are more likely to mention that […]

CWT: Business Travel Stimulates Creativity and Productivity

NATIONAL REPORT—Research by way of CWT, the B2B4E journey management platform, suggests that six in 10 vacationers experience extra creative and effective when visiting for commercial enterprise. Millennial tourists are much more likely to say that they’re more creative and effective whilst touring for enterprise. Those in the Americas lead the way (77% feeling greater […]

Business travelers, beware: Hackers looking over your shoulder can purpose data breaches

Visual hacking—when a person can see facts for your screen over your shoulder with out your know-how—is the main cybersecurity danger to business tourists, mainly within the GDPR technology, in line with a Monday file from 3M and SMS Research. Some eighty% of the 1,000 enterprise tourists surveyed worldwide stated they don’t forget visual hacking […]