‘National Geographic’ Announces 2019 Travel Photo Contest Winners

National Geographic has announced the winners of its 2019 Travel Photo Contest, handing off the grand prize to photographer Weimin Chu for his picture of the Upernavik fishing village in Greenland. Entitled “Winter in Greenland,” the photograph became entered into the “Cities” class and captured the Nordic city’s colorful houses on a snowy day. “It felt so harmonious. The entire land turned blanketed via white, bloodless snow, and the blue tint at nightfall made it even cooler. But the mild from the windows, avenue lighting, and the own family of three made the sector heat once more,” Chu stated. “I love the contrast and temper of this scene. I changed into busy taking continuous pix at that point, seeking to capture the exceptional second.”

The Chu takes home praise of $7,500, at the side of a submit on National Geographic‘s Travel Instagram account.
In addition to “Cities,” photography prizes had also been doled out from first to 1/3 area inside the classes of “Nature” and “People.” Haifeng Li nabbed the first prize for “People,” shooting a photograph of actors making ready for an opera display in Licheng County, China. Tamara Blazquez Haik’s striking up-near picture of a griffon vulture took top honors inside the “Nature” segment. Scroll thru the gallery above to peer all of the prevailing images, and for extra details, visit National Geographic’s internet site.

Travel Photo

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