You Can Jet Off To A Mystery Holiday Destination For Just £99

Here’s one for the intrepid explorer – or the indecisive traveler – there may be a deal on offer that might see you take hold of yourself a vacation for just £99pp. The best catch is that you can not make sure wherein it’s miles you may be heading to. Yes, Wowcher’s Mystery Holiday Deal is the lower back, supplying you the chance to have a romantic/adventurous/exciting/relaxing damage somewhere within the international. You’ll have to see what you get. Whatever you get, it can’t possibly be that awful. For your £99, you’ll get a return flight to somewhere as well as a life in a resort. The locations include Thailand, Rome, New York, Dubai, Bali, Ibiza, and – gulp – Disneyland Paris.

For most components, the damage is for two or 3 days. Obviously, the jaunts out to Thailand and Bali are slightly longer – seven days – given the amount of time that it might take you to tour obtainable. Either manner, you are now not likely to find a higher holiday at a better rate. You’ve got to make the leap and spot what you come up with. If you need a roll of the dice, you’ll get the keep of a Mystery Getaway Voucher. Be short, though. The vouchers will now not be available after the middle of the night on Sunday 9th June.

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Deals are all based totally upon two people sharing; you may have to get two vouchers. That being stated, if you have been unfortunate enough to draw Disneyland Paris out of the hat, would you actually need to be the only lone individual on foot around that vicinity? No, you virtually wouldn’t. Once you have your voucher, the draw to discover wherein you will be jollying off is set to take place on Monday 10th June. That method that you won’t stay for too long in a state of abject worry/suspense, no less than.

Once you’ve determined where you will be going, you have got quite a decent window in which you could redeem your tour. You’re offered till March 2020 to find an appropriate time to go off. It’s best decided on dates within a June – August, and September – March window; thoughts. The best other seize is that the £99pp fee is based on flying from London airports. So you will pay among £40pp and £60pp to journey from some other one even though, and that’s still quite top.

For the whole listing of destinations and to get hold of a voucher, visit this page here. May the chances be ever for your favor. Following yet another disappointing summer, many of us find our thoughts turning to try to find some winter sunshine. But long haul holiday destinations are quite often too expensive, or for some of us, the thought of that long flight is just too much to bear, so I’m going to look at some options to help us get away this winter to holiday destinations all within three-hour flights of the UK.

Malta: Malta is a small island just east of Tunisia and south of Sicily, an island full of endless activities, stunning scenery, and a captivating history that is guaranteed to keep you busy throughout your stay here. Often referred to as an open-air museum, Malta combines its fascinating history with modern cultures to perfection with inspiring castles and striking architecture. You can walk in the footsteps of St Paul in Rabat’s catacombs and see where the Knight of St John defended Christendom at Fort St Elmo’s. You can even walk in the footsteps of famous film stars as movies such as Gladiator, Troy and Alexander were all in part filmed here. There’s lively St Julian’s, where you might even be lucky enough to catch a top international D.J. at one of the local bars or nightclubs.

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