When the ocean calls, it calls: 6 beaches to go to close to Berkeley

When choosing which beach you want to give up yourself to for an afternoon, defining the surroundings, you’re searching for is important. This article gives descriptions of six magical beaches — all of that is inside two hours of Berkeley, California! Located about 45 mins from Berkeley, Lands End is a magnificent placing, teeming with dog walkers, runners, beachgoers, families, and friends. The paved, winding path parallels the ocean from above and is wonderful for a hike or run. The trail starts in a stunning car parking zone overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Walk on this path for about a mile, and it’ll convey you to Mile Rock Beach! Hidden from the general public eye, Mile Rock is a place for pure rest. Behind the large rocks that make up this seashore, you get a stellar view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Continue along the primary path, and you’ll arrive on the bustling China Beach. China Beach offers you picturesque perspectives of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Pacific Ocean. Frankly, it’s exceptional of both worlds. If you’re no longer up for a stroll, don’t fret. Many humans don’t move further than the Lands End automobile parking space benches and still have an outstanding time! If time allows, the Sutro Baths are also worth stopping via. A brief path descends from the car parking zone and brings you to the baths — an ancient swim and amusement middle.


The beginning of the Bear Valley Trail is about one hour and 30 minutes from Berkeley. A few miles from the Bear Valley Visitor Center lies one of the most sensational seashores of the Point Reyes National Seashore: Sculptured Beach. The Bear Valley Trail itself is engulfed with the aid of a myriad of California local plant species. In addition, on certain sections of the hike, amazing timber creates good-sized rooftops in their personal.

As you technique the seashore, the cool air becomes hotter and more tropical. This beach gives you terrific perspectives of the ocean, towering cliffs, and meandering hills. If you’re looking for a beach campsite, Coast Campground sits slightly in the back of the cliffs. Be certain to apply for a allow in advance. No parking allow required for day trekking. This sandy destination provides a tranquil domain, cute for analyzing, chatting, and meditating.

About one hour and 30 minutes from Berkeley, the Point Reyes Lighthouse is no longer most effective and has outstanding shape and records. However, the perspectives of the Pacific Ocean there are amazing. Located on a rocky, peninsular cliff, the lighthouse takes you back in awe. There’s a quick hike from the parking lot to the staircase that descends all the way down to the lighthouse. Halfway down the staircase is a lookout ideal for lunch destroy or an area to rest whilst huff and puff on the way lower back up.

Next to the automobile parking space are substantial fields overlooking the sea. With a blanket, cards, and correct business enterprise, one should spend hours in contentment. Finally, on a moderate right flip off the road leading up to the lighthouse parking zone sits Point Reyes South Beach. Overall, this vacation spot affords a dreamy escapade and is perfect for an afternoon journey.

Samantha W. Hodgson

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