Winners of National Geographic’s 2019 tour image contest

Travel photography is an exceptional manner to spark wanderlust while you’re looking at a display screen, and now the maximum incredible photographs of the 12 months were found out. National Geographic has unveiled the winners of its 2019 Travel Photo Contest. The grand prize winner is Weimin Chu, who captured the fishing village of Upernavik in northwestern Greenland. What makes the village specific is that the shade of the buildings denotes their characteristics, like red for business houses and blue for a fisherman’s domestic. This helps people discover what they’re looking for when the building is included in snow. Chu received US$7500 (€6627), and a submit on National Geographic Travel’s

Whether you are a professional journey photographer on venture or an enthusiast searching out the next amazing shot, traveling with a camera device isn’t smooth. From identifying what to carry, in which to compromise, and handling your equipment, there may always be lots for your thoughts. So we’ve got narrowed the bulk and doubt right down to a need to have for tour photography tick list; four pillars for you to make for a worthwhile travel photography journey.


Packing equipment earlier than a picture experience can be annoying, particularly when you have various gadgets in thoughts. Let’s begin with the fundamental benchmarks you have to have clear earlier than you head out for your ride. The type of photography you want from the ride (a good way to determine the system you’ll want to hold) The climate of the vicinity you’ll (to be able to determine the protecting device you may want to hold) The length of the trip (to determine how a whole lot luggage you’ll convey basic).

tour image


Buy a terrific great, protecting bag for your digital camera, battery, memory, and lens gadget if you’re a traveling photographer. It’s higher to invest in hard instances. They’re an amazing one-time purchase that offers ample storage and a guard system against the cruelest herbal conditions.


It is a must to have a few extras as a backup for any experience, extra so for a traveling photography one. If you’re out capturing 3-6 hours each day for your experience, ensure to carry extra batteries, filters, and reminiscence cards (at least 3-4 of every). To understand the estimate of how many shots a battery offers whilst completely charged, take the primary photograph from a sparkling battery of the one that you’ve just changed. Between battery pics, you may have a concept of how many pictures a battery gives you.

Most journey photographers shoot in the RAW layout, which takes up numerous reminiscence areas. Keep greater reminiscence playing cards handy in preference to compromising on image pleasant. Carry memory cards in a separate case/pouch to maintain them from touch/friction and harm. Whether you’re a professional travel photographer on assignment or an enthusiast looking for the next great shot, traveling with camera equipment is not easy. From deciding what to carry, where to compromise, and managing your equipment, there’s always plenty on your mind. So we have narrowed the bulk and doubt down to a must-have for travel photography checklist, 4 pillars that will make for a rewarding travel photography trip.

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