Travel hints for parents of youngsters with autism spectrum sickness

Three-yr-old Nigel Odom has come an extended way, considering he turned into recognized with an autism spectrum sickness while he was 12-months old. He now plays luckily together with his five-year-antique large sister Sidney and is flourishing in Marcus Autism Center’s preschool, building his social capabilities. “He is now dubbed the mayor of the preschool and is remarkable social, talkative, a satisfied little child,” his mom Jenny Odom says.

But while Nigel travels, matters can get complex. When he becomes nearly 2, Jenny Odom flew with Nigel on her lap to Oregon, an experience that concerned 4 extraordinary flights. Each time they took off, she says, Nigel would be ok for some time; however, he’d attain a breaking factor. “He turned into a screaming, and he might do this component in which youngsters straighten like a board,” Jenny Odom recollects. “He would not permit me to preserve him. He changed into a flailing, like seeking to get me off of him.”

All she may want to do turned into preserve him tightly and ride it out. She tried strolling the aisles and staying inside the aircraft’s back galley. Fortunately, the alternative passengers and the flight group had been expertise, Odom says. “This one female came up and was like, ‘You look careworn. Can I contact your back and your head and calm you down, like calm the scenario,’ Odom says. “And, I turned into, like, truly! It failed to do something.”
But, she says, she turned into grateful for the female’s gesture.

Cheryl Rhodes, Director of Care Coordination at Marcus Autism Center of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, says the most vital component mother and father of kids on the spectrum can do is the plan. If you are flying earlier than your journey, she says, talks your toddler through every step of the system, consisting of how you’ll skip through TSA checkpoints. You may want to rehearse the manner at domestic, going step by step. “You’re going to need to walk through this turnstile; I won’t be able to hold your hand,” Rhodes recommends saying.


“You’re going to ought to walk in front of me. Don’t run. You must place your crammed undergo at the conveyer belt.” Jenny Odom has learned to % the whole thing Nigel may need on their flight. “Try to provide your youngster as tons control as you may,” she says. “Maybe they’ve their personal backpack, with their personal snacks, their personal drinks, their ‘lovies; the books they love, the sports they love.”

For youngsters at the spectrum, Hartsfield Jackson International Airport has a sensory-pleasant waiting room.
And, Rhodes says, ask your airline approximately which seats might be nice on your child. A window seat can help a child sense extra at ease. An aisle seat will allow the kid to transport around. Or, Rhodes says, your toddler might also want a bulkhead seat. “For those kids who like to kick the seat in the front of them, this could be a godsend,” she says. Next month, the Odoms will head to the seaside, including a 7-hour vehicle experience with Nigel. “We’ll probably display him pics of the seashore residence,” Jenny Odom says. “And we’re going to say, ‘Look, right here is the beach, and here’s the pool where you’re going to swim.'”

“You want to carry matters your child enjoys,” Cheryl Rhodes recommends. “Bring desired snacks, perhaps even a pillow. So, they could take a snooze.” She says to build in relaxation breaks and praises your toddler for right conduct with reward, stickers, or a small toy. “Maybe it is saying, ‘We’re going to go to a restaurant with an indoor playground, at exit #201,'” Jenny Odom says. “‘So, when we get there, we get to take a wreck. And you get a milkshake in case you’re precise.'”

Jenny Odom knows there might be bumps in the road. If you spot a child hitting a bump, she says, offer help. If you can’t assist, Odom says, provide the child and his or her parents a little grace. “If my toddler is freaking out, do not shoot me grimy, seems,” Jenny Odom smiles. ” I realize he’s freaking out. I don’t want your opinion, too. We’re all trying to get through this. I’m sorry. Let’s get through this.” For tour recommendations on flying or making automobile journeys with children with an autism spectrum sickness, visit

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