NNTR drivers might also get aid for new vehicles

NAGPUR: Looking at the pathetic circumstance of safari motors at Navegaon-Nagzira Tiger Reserve (NNTR), officials are aggressively working on a plan to assist local drivers in getting economic assistance to buy new 4 wheelers. On Tuesday itself, a gypsy broke down throughout the evening safari, forcing a vacationer to stroll 4km within the core jungle. Forest officials are exploring options of negotiating an amazing deal with banks or getting finances thru some authority’s scheme.

Poonam Pate, NNTR deputy director (core) stated, “We are seeking to see if a reduced fee of interest can be negotiated for automobile loans. They did a similar thing in Tadoba, and we are seeking to work along the equal direction.” Another choice for the woodland officers is to dip into funds from a few countries or vital authorities schemes. “That option is at a completely initial level and a piece of a far-off possibility for now. But we’re trying to find out if there is some scheme in which we will get right of entry to funds for brand spanking new vehicles,” said Pate.

43 cars are plying in NNTR, with a majority of them in terrible shape. Many don’t forget it a miracle that those motors don’t wreck down as often as they should. While pulling the plug on all these motors may also appear logical, forest officials say the answer isn’t practical. “This would mean getting rid of employment possibilities from villagers who reside right here. They aren’t in a role to make investments in their personal money to shop for new automobiles.


In fact, some of them might not also be in a role to get it financed. These are floor realities that one needs to maintain in thoughts earlier than taking any selection, and this is why we’re exploring alternatives to help them,” stated Pate. Maintenance of automobiles to prolong their life is also out of the question at this factor of time. Sources say these vehicles are actually strolling on ‘prayers,’ and there’s no scope for any form of mechanical intervention to salvage the automobiles. Download The Times of India News App for Latest City.

NAGPUR: Sitting over it for over one and half years, the Nagpur University (NU) has abruptly decided to enforce the version All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) curriculum from this academic yr after a mere two-hours dialogue over lunch. Questions were raised over NU’s pass because none of the stakeholders was informed approximately, while the brand new academic yr is set to begin in multiple weeks. While worries have been raised over the damage a hurriedly organized syllabus might also leave on NU’s engineering education, this year’s aspirants might be at a lack of now not knowing the whole four-yr syllabus.

Last week, the suggestion changed into tabled earlier than the Board of Studies (BoS) to clear the circulate when one of the participants reflagged it and demanded a tricky deliberation. So ways, best the primary-yr syllabus has been formulated. Mahendra Chaudhary, who’s a BoS Applied Science and Humanities and Senate member, turned into stunned to understand the inspiration. He refused to sign the proposal until the BoS allowed discussion on the new syllabus.

“I wrote to the vice-chancellor expressing my worries. We need to consider students from the place. The AICTE curriculum is meant for IIT-level college students at the same time as our colleges have forty-five percenters enrolled with them. Ideally, there ought to be dialogue unfold over months. But, now, as a minimum, faculty contributors need to be informed through some initiative,” Chaudhary said.

The NU has agreed to prepare workshops on his demand, which has been alleged as a futile workout. “The dialogue is on the proposed syllabus. This means that the already decided one would be applied. Only a handful of engineering college individuals have been invited to formulate this new syllabus which isn’t always according with AICTE norms,” a few instructors advised TOI. The discussions to be held at distinct faculties from Monday have been dubbed as eyewash when considering that it might be planned at the syllabus for simply over hours. As in keeping with the workshop timetable, the discussion could take up after lunch between 2.30 pm and 4.30 pm.

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