KOA Survey: Camping Expanding In Appeal

After 5 years of surveying North American campers, the 2019 North American Camping Report from Kampgrounds of America (KOA) shows the camping panorama is powerful – new and life-long campers are dedicated to the out of doors tenting way of life, as confirmed using their variety, tenting more often and enthusiasm for the use of tenting as a conduit to energetic out of doors lifestyles.

Since the ultimate year, about 1,000,000 new camper families have been introduced to individuals who consider themselves annual campers, with an expected 7 million new camper families inside the U.S. Given that 2014, consistent with the look at. Since 2014, the share of campers who camp three or more instances yearly has improved with the aid of 72 percentage. Camping skilled, competitive increase from 2014 through 2017 in phrases of the sheer wide variety of recent camper families has been impacted most with the aid of the influx of more youthful and more numerous campers. KOA wrote in the report, “As this new organization of campers has persevered tenting, they’ve introduced with them a more deal of enthusiasm, yearly taking more journeys and spending more nights tenting.”

The 2019 record found that the underlying tendencies diagnosed within the survey’s preceding 4 years are ongoing:
Close to domestic: Campers continue to an increasing number of camp towards home. In 2014, approximately thirteen percentage of camping trips were below 50 miles from domestic. By 2018, that number had risen to 31 percent. While the ethnic and generational diversity of campers maintains to develop, the differences among the agencies regarding what they are seeking from the tenting experience continue to reduce.

Frequency: Campers preserve to camp greater. The number of campers who intend to camp three or extra instances every yr keeps developing.


Families: More families are adopting the camping lifestyle, and they too intend to camp extra than ever before.
Life tiers: Campers make decisions approximately their tenting based on their existing level, no longer simply their ethnicity or technology. Families with younger kids, for instance, have lots in common, regardless of the mother and father are millennials or from Generation X.

Like different doors pastime activities: Campers are an increasing number of seeing camping and other varieties of doors recreation (trekking, cycling, fishing, etc.) as the same. This is being driven commonly with the aid of younger campers.

Experimentation: Campers are increasingly open to trying new and extraordinary camping strategies, including full-service cabins, “glamping” tents, and van tenting. Their enthusiasm has spawned new and increasing extensions of the outside enterprise.

Although a leveling off of rationale to camp turned into determined this yr, the report didn’t see any lower. Even among people who say that they no longer intend to exchange their camping in 2019, their frequency of tenting is higher than what became found in previous years. Of all campers, Hispanic campers are the organization most likely to boom their camping this yr.

Half of all campers recognized their “love of the outside” for sparking their interest in camping, which is regular to the first report results and has remained the main reason over its 5 years of research. Moreover, campers are sharing this love with others. In 2018, forty-eight percent of recent campers reported that other people got them interested by camping, at the same time as more youthful campers, no longer surprisingly, have been introduced to camping with the aid of their families.

Camping momentum can also be seen inside the increase of campers self-figuring out as “lifelong” campers. One-0.33 of all campers now self-perceive as lifestyles-lengthy campers, which is also the highest amongst all years of the report. Although younger, both millennials (ages 22-37) and Gen Xers (a long time 38-fifty three) are more likely to pick out themselves as lifelong campers whilst in comparison to past years. Both Asian (15 percent in 2015, 21 percentage in 2018) and African American/Black campers

(23 percentage in 2015, 34 percent in 2018) campers usual were more likely to become aware of as lifelong campers.
Fifty percent of millennials say lifestyle occasions (along with youngsters and increased income) permit them to camp more frequently. Among more youthful campers, the significant lifestyle shift of becoming a parent may be attributed to shifts in tenting conduct, which includes expanded frequency of camping and camping lodging possibilities.

Camping families (campers with youngsters beneath the age of 18 within the family) are the most devoted campers and, with youngsters within the family, see an elevated preference to own their camping equipment, whether a tent or RV. Camping families are most possibly to say that their camping trips expanded in 2018, and two-thirds say that their tenting will boom in 2019.

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