Gray Malin’s new book takes on Italy

Even if you don’t know Gray Malin’s call, the odds are superb that you know his pictures. His photos, in particular, the aerial pics of beaches, have ended up so popular that, similarly to his books and prints, he has labored on collaborations with brands like S’well and created cellphone instances proposing some of his most liked shots. To have a good time, the discharge of his today’s pictures e-book, “Italy,” the Los Angeles-primarily based Malin shared some of his favorite journeys with CNN Travel and some hints for a way you can up your personal holiday photograph game.

“Italy” got here collectively over six separate trips to u . S. A .. Malin, who first visited Italy as a university student, now has the angle of a seasoned visitor, which comes throughout in his heat, colorful images. He calls the e-book a hard work of affection, and it is accurate. Specifically, Malin, who’s well-known for his aerial snapshots of seaside umbrellas, focused on the united states’ waterways, from Lake Como to the Amalfi Coast. “The scenery throughout the USA is beyond examined,” Malin tells CNN Travel. “I wanted to seize not handiest what it looks like to go to each of these locations, however to how true it feels to be there as nicely.”

Many human beings have attempted to take their holiday images to the next stage in the age of Instagram, although it’s just with an iPhone. And you don’t need to begin hauling your personal lights setup round on a hike with a view to up the first-rate of your holiday snaps. Malin has a few pieces of advice. “You want to make sure the lights are good for what you are trying to capture, so the situation isn’t always shadowed or backlit. When you are taking an image, consider wherein the sun is and then regulate your position,” he explains. For example, if everybody is squinting, meaning they’re all dealing with proper into the solar, and you need to bear in mind another perspective, probably.

“Another clean manner to elevate excursion pix is snapping pics at sunrise or sundown, as you’ll seize stunning colors in the sky that can make a big difference in a scenic shot,” says Malin. And one primary takeaway is obvious in Malin’s own paintings: it is now not just about how an area looks however about how it makes you experience. Even the simplest phone photo can evoke a deep reminiscence or feeling of nostalgia, specifically if it is a favorite childhood spot or the place of a treasured memory.

“Regardless of your talent set, you usually want a picture with the intention to shipping you lower back to the moment that you took it,” he says. “Photograph something that makes you happy, that represents a significant moment.”Whether you’re a professional travel photographer on assignment or an enthusiast looking for the next great shot, traveling with camera equipment is not easy. From deciding what to carry, where to compromise, and managing your equipment, there’s always plenty on your mind. So we have narrowed the bulk and doubt down to a must-have for travel photography checklist, 4 pillars that will make for a rewarding travel photography trip.


Packing equipment before a photography trip can be hectic, especially when you have a lot of equipment in mind. Let’s start with the basic benchmarks you should have clear before you head out on your trip.
The kind of photography you want from the trip (which will determine the equipment you’ll need to carry)
The climate of the place you’re going to (which will determine the protective equipment you’ll need to carry)
The length of the trip (which will determine how much luggage you will carry overall)

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