Dunraven’s aluminum tenting trailer is a towable off-grid tiny cabin for a own family of six

More stylish than any bus-length 5th-wheel or triple-axle, however nonetheless packing sufficient room for the complete circle of relatives, the new Trail Ridge caravan from Colorado startup Dunraven brings a smooth aluminum layout and comfy residing to camp. The 18-foot (5.5-m) all-aluminum box trailer is designed for households that want to fully enjoy the outdoors, not simply park their trailers there. It packs an outdoor kitchen, off-grid power machine, and status-peak indoors that sleeps 5 to 6 people.


In past years, it becomes US western states like Arizona, California, and Utah that certainly regarded to be pushing the envelope inside the small camper area, however lately, it seems Colorado has simply been developing its presence. Boulder-based Dunraven joins different rising Coloradan small camper groups like Colorado Backcountry, Contravans, Timberleaf Trailers, and Oasis Campervans.

Instead of another teardrop or tiny trailer, Dunraven goes larger with an all-climate trailer designed to sleep up to 5 adults or a family of six in a quite small footprint. The Trail Ridge measures 17.7 feet (5.4 m) lengthy, from the diamond plate on the rear bumper to the tip of the tongue. The 6.3-foot (1.9-m)-excessive ceiling guarantees that each one, however, the tallest own family individuals can stroll around with ease without ever ducking or crouching.

Some trailer makers might use a 14-foot (4.3-m)-lengthy trailer box to make a comfortable transportable luxurious condo for 2 or three human beings. However, Dunraven focuses completely on becoming the family internal, a fairly fundamental however capable space. After all, you are tenting; you need to be napping near collectively without all of the luxuries of a 5-megastar lodge.

The indoors layout centers round a series of beds installation in a dual-stage L, with stacked bunks on the wall immediately across from the access door and a 3rd bunk over pinnacle the short queen bed on the front wall. Each twin bunk sleeps an unmarried adult atop a 3-in (8-cm) reminiscence foam bed, even as the queen bed sleeps adults on 6-in memory foam. Dunraven reckons if you change out adults for a few children, you may get a total of six human beings rattling the country wooden walls with guttural snores.

To fit that form of a napping format internal a reasonably compact rolling cabin, Dunraven simplifies the remainder of the interior. Rather than an indoor kitchen, dry lavatory, and dining/residing place, Dunraven is based on a slide-out outside kitchen that tucks away beneath the queen bed and a slim corner moist cellular with combined lavatory and bathe. However, campers are left to dine exterior but ought to possibly squeeze in and take a seat on the lower beds throughout the horrific climate.

Plans call for an instead properly-ready outside kitchen, carrying an oven beneath the twin-burner range, big sink, worktop, and 12V fridge. The display model we looked at, Overland Expo West, only had a transportable tenting range. However, it did have a beneath-counter space that might be filled out through an oven. The tall shelved cabinet after the kitchen makes the appropriate pantry.

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