Diplomats from round the world excursion the border wall in San Diego

OTAY MESA (KUSI) – They came to the San Diego border from 20-different international locations with 20 special immigration structures. While each country has some policy, the policy of Rwanda is open borders. “We don’t have any visas or something like that. Our united states are nonviolent now, and we let everybody in,” says the Ambassador of Rwanda. Just 25 years ago, Rwanda turned into waging civil struggle in which nearly one million human beings were killed because of their faith.

“Our united states is nonviolent now,” says Mathilde Mukantabana of Rwanda. On the opposite hand, the Ambassador from Latvia says matters are similar to the US. “Oh yeah, we have partitions, drones and cameras, sensors and those at the ground, much like maximum nations around the sector,” says Hans Liss of Latvia.
His nation shares a border with Russia; that’s wherein most of the migration happens. During their concise tour of the San Diego border with Mexico, they saw numerous trends.

In a place that when had no fence in any respect, now has two layers. The primary fence is 18 toes excessive, the secondary fence is 30-feet high, and both see via. At one point along the border, there are 4 special fence patterns, such as the antique scrap metal leftover from the Viet Nam War. This international tour turned into sponsored by American State Department as a way to convey facts to the pics and tales they have got heard on TV for the beyond two years. Monday, they took an excursion, and KUSI’s Dan Plante turned into there with the 35 diplomats getting the info.

San Diego

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