Camping Near Seattle, What You Should Know

When you are planning for a vacation or camping, you need to keep one thing in mind that the location of your campsite is very important. The location of your campsite should be near the water source and it should be close to the nature.

Don’t camp on the sandy areas as it will cause damage to the ground. Make sure to leave no trace after your camping trip. Get your permits and follow the rules and regulations. Never cut the trees.

Seattle is the place which is surrounded by water source and it has lots of parks which are very attractive. It is one of the best places for camping near Seattle. If you are looking for the campsites near Seattle then you can visit the website of “Campground America”. This site will help you to find the best campsite for your needs.

Camping near Seattle

Camping near Seattle

This is the best place to enjoy a nice and peaceful time. You will get a lot of facilities here like hot showers, laundry, and even a swimming pool. The location of the campsite is in a secluded place where you won’t have any disturbance.

It is also an ideal place for hiking and biking. You can go for a long hike or even ride your bike on this place. There is no need of any extra arrangements for transportation and it is very close to the major cities of Seattle.

The nearest city is Seattle and it is just 140 km away from the international airport. On the other hand, there are many options of transportation from the international airport to the city which are available. There are several flights that are available from the Vancouver International Airport.

You will get a lot of fun by playing with your friends here. The best thing about this place is that it is very secure. You will get security guards who will be watching the campsite for the safety. If you are planning for a family trip then you can choose this site for camping near Seattle.

3. Oxbow Regional Park The Oxbow Regional Park is a 4,000-acre park which is home to the most recognised and best preserved example of the Puget Sound prairies. It was here that the old-growth grove of big leaf maples was discovered.


So, these were some of the things which you should know before going for camping near Seattle. If you are thinking to go for a vacation, then you must visit this website for finding the best campsite for you. It will help you to enjoy a nice and peaceful time.


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