Around 22 states with Rs 2000: Meet this adventurous Malayali teen

At 16, Vishnu was given bored idling at home after his plus one examinations, and off he went on a ride with just Rs 2000 and a bag. He again home after 46 days of traveling throughout 22 states. “Where had been you all nowadays?” Prithviraj’s character famously requested Thilakan’s man or woman inside the movie ‘Indian rupee.’ Many humans asked Vishnu the identical query. With a Thilakan-fashion smile, Vishnu spoke back, “I went on a solo excursion since it became school vacation.” Vishnu’s Instagram photos smiled at the folks that notion he had long past traveling nearby attractions at Munnar or Wayanad. He toured the 22 states, broadly speaking hitch-hiking and on many activities accepting tour tickets from buddies acquired at some point of the excursion.

Vishnu, a plus-two scholar of Vivekodayam Higher Secondary Boys’ School, is Ranjan and Shafina of Chenthrappini Parambu, Thriprayar. The journey computer virus caught on Vishnu after he had ganged up with buddies on bicycle journeys whilst he turned 15. After that, he started journeying alone. He appropriately toured Bangalore and Goa. A buddy knowledgeable him of a Himalaya tour. So he went alone to Manali, managing to by some means persuade his dad and mom.


The idea of creating a pan-India excursion germinated even as considering the approaches to whilst away the time after the plus one examinations. Vishnu determined to follow the example of solo visitors who went around without a whole lot of money in hand. So he set off from domestic on 25th April with just Rs 2000/-, a bag and a phone. The first lap turned into the journey from Thrissur to Madurai in a train.

Getting canned, losing money

He carried the ones 2000 rupees to assist himself out in case he got stranded somewhere. A couple of days had been spent in Madurai and Rameshwaram. He was given caned using police for the first time in his life while slumbering at the platform at Rameshwaram railway station. He changed into requested to vacate the platform. When he got caned a 2nd time, he ran away with his bag.

He tried to get an experience on a truck to Andhra Pradesh from the marketplace region of Madurai. After more than one failed attempt, he was given a ‘raise’ in one of them, heading to Amaravathi. The truck personnel sold Vishnu dosas after discovering that he becomes a penniless teenager with a loopy concept of traveling India. From Amaravathi, he did not get a right away transport to Hyderabad. So he hitched rides on bikes, vans, and cars to get there. The target after that turned into Chhattisgarh.

Waylaid and robbed

The journey to Chhattisgarh turned into a truck thru Secunderabad. The truck personnel left him behind in the forest vicinity across the Telangana-Chhattisgarh border in the middle of the night. He later found out that the vicinity became notorious for a horde of transgender human beings with crook backgrounds. His worst fears came genuine, and he was rounded up using a transgender gang. They frisked him and took the smartphone and the money from his handbag. A younger member of the gang enquired how Vishnu had ended up there. They returned the phone when they have been told that he was a cashless guy on an Indian tour. They provided to take him to Raipur, wherein they had been going. Left without the other preference, he went with them.

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