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6 Disney World Tips to Make Your Vacation Even Better, According to a Disney Expert

Anyone planning a ride to Walt Disney World is aware of it’s a fun and interesting place. But it can additionally be a luxurious and perplexing one.
Not to worry, there are plenty of methods to navigate the park, from strategically planning your FastPass+ to getting your meals fast to finding the excellent places to see a show. Disney professional Susan Veness, author of the recently released “Walt Disney World Hacks,” says all it takes are small changes to make the most of a go to to “The Most Magical Place on Earth.”
“One of the large things at Walt Disney World is you need to be so much extra savvy than you used to be,” Veness informed Travel + Leisure. “I actually bear in mind what it felt like when I turned into the only planning my family Disney holidays and how complex it becomes and how overwhelmed I changed into.”
“Over the many years I found out a number of tricks to make it less difficult, both less pricey or less annoying or just more fun,” she stated. “I simply surely love the concept that I might be able to assist other folks that are in that same overwhelmed region find a path to creating certain matters less complicated.”
Beyond savings, Veness says there are a variety of little hidden secrets across the park. In the Japan pavilion in Epcot, as an example, Veness stated in case you stand within the center of the concentric circles etched into the ground and talk out loud, your voice will come right again into your ear due to the fact the building is acoustically best.
“The parks are honestly full of little hidden Imagineers signatures,” she stated. “People do not know what they are searching at.”
From the first-class strategy for buying to your favorite rides to beat the heat with a fab deal with, right here are a number of Veness’s exceptional pointers and tricks from her new book.
Get the first-class seat in the residence.
While Veness said that a middle seat makes for the pleasant viewing revel in for maximum shows in the park, there are two exceptions: Voyage of The Little Mermaid in Hollywood Studios and The American Adventure in Epcot. For your journey under the sea, Veness said little youngsters may have trouble seeing in case you’re too a long way to the front because the degree could be very excessive.
For American Adventure, you need to be in addition front, she stated. “There are details that you may see similarly away,” Veness stated. “You’re going to peer things like Mark Twain’s cigar — while he smokes his cigar you’ll see the end light up.”
Mobile order your meals.
Don’t wait until you input a brief provider eating place to place your order. Instead, use the My Disney Experience app to reserve beforehand of time and make certain tons shorter wait instances. Veness stated this also works for the famous Dole Whip (Dole Whip mimosas every body?).
“Just sit out of doors wherein you purchase the Dole Whips, cell order it after which immediately click on ‘I’m here’ and walk straight up to the counter and they will hand it to you,” she stated. “No waiting. Normally it’s a completely long line, especially in the summer time.”
Make the maximum of your Disney Dining Plan.
Veness stated that the dining plans can now and again be way an excessive amount of food, but in place of sense obligated to sit right down to every other full meal, you may swap some of your entree credits for snacks. Veness stated one entree credit can be break up into three snacks — and they could even be used at the meals and wine festivals.
“That’s a surely good way to break it up; you can get 3 popcorns and your institution can break up them alternatively of having one entree,” she stated. “Or you may get three ice lotions to revel in at some point of the fireworks instead of using one entree credit.”
Become the Rebel Spy on Star Tours.
Bragging rights are on the road if you’re picked for this special role on Star Tours – The Adventures Continue. And at the same time as there is no guarantee, Veness stated there are a few matters you could do to help.
“Kids and those who are in massive companies have a quality chance. Once you sit down, buckle up as fast as you may after which make a stern face or a goofy face and the solid individuals … That is the type of factor they search for,” she said. “They like it to be both some lovely little kid or any individual creating a goofy face or someone who just looks as if the Rebel Spy. People surely will brag about it for years.”


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